Bermuda gaming commission takes on New Jersey expert

June 22, 2017

From The Royal Gazette
by Jonathan Bell

George Rover, the former deputy director of the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement, has been engaged as a consultant by the Bermuda Casino Gaming Commission.

Mr. Rover will visit the island on a monthly basis to advise on “all gaming-related matters, including the drafting of regulations, assistance with background and suitability investigations and with respect to the Request for Proposal process”, according to a statement issued by the commission.

Mr. Rover stepped down last year from the New Jersey State Attorney-General’s Office after 26 years of government service.

He had been appointed Assistant Attorney-General in 1999 and assigned to gaming enforcement, and served as deputy director from 2011 until November 2016.

Calling the Division of Gaming Enforcement “tough but fair”, Mr. Rover stressed the rigorous vetting required for a viable gaming industry on the island, including anti-money laundering protocols.

Mr. Rover acknowledged his five-year relationship with Richard Schuetz, the executive director of the Bermuda commission.

He went on to call Mr. Schuetz “an invaluable resource” for launching the local industry.